Definition & Meaning of "HMUS"

What does hmus mean? View the definition of hmus and all related slang terms containing hmus below:

hmus :
Hit me up sometime

Usage of HMUS

The abbreviation HMUS is commonly used in texting and it stands for "hit me up sometime". This phrase is an invitation for someone to contact the speaker in order to hang out, catch up or simply chat. It's a friendly and casual way to invite someone to communicate with you, and it can be used between friends or acquaintances alike.

Examples of HMUS used in texting:

1. Hey dude! Long time no talk, HMUS this weekend?
(Example of HMUS used as an invitation for hanging out)

2. I've got some free time this afternoon, wanna grab a coffee and catch up? HMUS if you're free!
(Example of HMUS used to suggest a meet up)

3. I heard about this cool new restaurant that opened downtown - would love to check it out with you! HMUS if you're up for it.
(Example of HMUS used as an invitation to try something new)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "hmus"

hmus :
Hit me up sometime

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