Definition & Meaning of "HDOP"

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hdop :
Help Delete Online Predators

Usage of HDOP

HDOP is an abbreviation that stands for "Help Delete Online Predators". It refers to the proactive actions we can take to prevent dangerous online behavior and protect ourselves and our loved ones from potential harm. This means being vigilant and cautious when engaging with people we do not know online, never sharing personal information or images, and reporting any suspicious or illegal activity we come across.

Example 1 (of HDOP used in texting):
Friend: Hey, I met this guy online and he seems really nice.
You: Be careful! Remember to HDOP and don't share your personal information.

Example 2 (of HDOP used in texting):
Mom: Can you help me set up my social media account?
You: Sure! We should review the privacy settings to HDOP and protect your personal information.

Example 3 (of HDOP used in texting):
Sister: I just got a message from a stranger on social media asking for my address.
You: That's concerning! You should report them to the platform and HDOP to prevent any potential danger.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "hdop"

hdop :
Help Delete Online Predators

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