Definition & Meaning of "GTHO"

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gtho :
get the hell out

Usage of GTHO

GTHO is an abbreviation that stands for 'get the hell out'. This phrase is typically used to tell someone to leave or to express frustration at their presence. It is a more forceful and aggressive way of telling someone to go away than 'please leave' or 'get out'. GTHO is commonly used in casual conversation, especially in texting or online messaging.

Examples of GTHO used in texting:
1. Friend: Hey, can I come over and hang out for a bit?
You: Sorry, I'm really busy right now. GTHO please.
2. Coworker: Can I borrow your stapler?
You: No, GTHO and get your own office supplies.
3. Sibling: Can I play your video game?
You: No, GTHO and stop asking me every day.

These examples show how GTHO can be used in various situations to convey a strong desire for someone to leave. It's important to use this phrase with caution, as it can come across as rude or aggressive if used inappropriately.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gtho"

gtho :
get the hell out

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