Definition & Meaning of "GMA"

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gma :

Usage of GMA

GMA is an abbreviation used in texting which means "grandma". The term is commonly used as a shorthand way of referring to one's grandmother. It can be used to discuss or refer to one's grandmother in a casual or convenient way.

Examples of GMA used in texting:

1) "Hey, can I come over to your place tonight or are you busy spending time with GMA?"
2) "GMA made the best lasagna last night, you missed out!"
3) "Just got off the phone with GMA, she wants us to come visit her this weekend."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gma"

gma :
gmab :
give me a break
gmabj :
give me a blowjob
gmafb :
give me a f**king break
gmao :
Giggling my ass off
Gmas :
Give me a second

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