Definition & Meaning of "GMAB"

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gmab :
give me a break

Usage of GMAB

The slang term GMAB is an abbreviation commonly used in informal conversations to convey a sense of annoyance or frustration towards a person or situation. The phrase 'give me a break' is typically used when someone has had enough of something and needs a moment to breathe.

Examples of GMAB used in texting:
1. Friend A: "I can't believe my boss just asked me to work on my day off again."
Friend B: "GMAB, that's so unfair!"
(Example of GMAB used in texting to express sympathy towards a friend's unpleasant situation.)

2. Person A: "I don't understand why you keep making excuses not to hang out with me."
Person B: "GMAB, I'm just busy with work right now."
(Example of GMAB used in texting to deflect accusations or criticism.)

3. Parent: "You've been playing video games all day, can't you do something productive?"
Teenager: "GMAB, it's the weekend and I have nothing to do."
(Example of GMAB used in texting to assert independence or push back against authority.)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gmab"

gmab :
give me a break
gmabj :
give me a blowjob

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