Definition & Meaning of "GIYF"

What does giyf mean? View the definition of giyf and all related slang terms containing giyf below:

giyf :
google is your friend

Usage of GIYF

The abbreviation GIYF is often used in conversations or messages to suggest that someone should search on Google for the answer or information they are looking for. It implies that the person could have found the answer themselves if they had just searched on Google, rather than asking someone else for the information.

Example 1 of GIYF used in texting:
Bob: Hey, do you know what time the concert starts tonight?
Sarah: GIYF, Bob.

Example 2 of GIYF used in texting:
Karen: Can you tell me what year that movie was released?
Andrew: GIYF, Karen.

Example 3 of GIYF used in texting:
Jenny: Any idea where we can find a phone charger?
Tom: GIYF, Jenny.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "giyf"

giyf :
google is your friend

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