Definition & Meaning of "GGA"

What does gga mean? View the definition of gga and all related slang terms containing gga below:

gga :
good game all

Usage of GGA

The abbreviation GGA is a commonly used abbreviation in texting and online gaming communities. It stands for "good game all" and is often used to convey mutual respect and sportsmanship at the end of a game or competition. Essentially, it is a way to acknowledge the effort and skill of all participants regardless of the outcome. It is a quick and convenient way to send a positive message to others and maintain a friendly atmosphere.

Examples of GGA used in texting:

1. Hey guys, great game! GGA!
2. Thanks for playing with me, GGA!
3. Tough match, but GGA nonetheless!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gga"

gga :
good game all
ggal :
go get a life

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