Definition & Meaning of "GGAL"

What does ggal mean? View the definition of ggal and all related slang terms containing ggal below:

ggal :
go get a life

Usage of GGAL

GGAL stands for 'Go Get a Life', which is an expression used to suggest that someone should focus more on their own life and worries, rather than on the life of someone else. By saying 'Go Get a Life', the speaker implies that the person should stop dwelling on insignificant matters and things that are not in their control.

Sample Text Messages:

1. Stop worrying about what I'm doing, GGAL.
2. Quit prying into my business, GGAL.
3. Just mind your own business, GGAL!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ggal"

ggal :
go get a life

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