Definition & Meaning of "G2T2S"

What does g2t2s mean? View the definition of g2t2s and all related slang terms containing g2t2s below:

g2t2s :
got to talk to someone

Usage of G2T2S

The abbreviation G2T2S is commonly used in texting and messaging to express the desire or need to talk to someone. It can indicate a range of emotions, from excitement to anxiety or distress. Essentially, it is a way of saying that the sender needs to talk to another person. Whether they need advice, support, or just someone to listen, using G2T2S is a quick way to convey this message.

Examples of G2T2S used in texting:

1. Hey, I just got some really exciting news! G2T2S about it ASAP!
2. I'm feeling really overwhelmed right now, G2T2S when you have a chance?
3. Something's been bothering me and I really need to talk to someone about it. G2T2S when you're free?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "g2t2s"

g2t2s :
got to talk to someone

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