Definition & Meaning of "FYAD"

What does fyad mean? View the definition of fyad and all related slang terms containing fyad below:

fyad :
f**k you and die

Usage of FYAD

The abbreviation FYAD is an offensive and insulting abbreviation used in text messaging that stands for "f**k you and die". It is a vulgar way to express extreme anger, hatred, or disgust towards someone. This abbreviation is not appropriate for polite or professional conversations, and it can hurt the recipient's feelings. It is important to note that using such obscene language is not acceptable in any situation.

Examples of FYAD used in texting:
1. Person A: Why didn't you come to the party last night?
Person B: Because I didn't want to see your stupid face, FYAD!

2. Person A: Can you lend me some money?
Person B: No, I won't give you any money. FYAD and find another sucker!

3. Person A: I'm sorry for what I did, can we talk it out?
Person B: Sorry? FYAD! You're dead to me now!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fyad"

fyad :
f**k you and die

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