Definition & Meaning of "F4F"

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f4f :
female for female

Usage of F4F

The abbreviation F4F is commonly used in online communities and social media platforms to mean 'female for female.' The term is used by women who are seeking to connect with other women for various purposes, such as friendship, dating, or networking. It's important to note that the abbreviation is exclusively used by women who identify as female.

Examples of F4F used in texting:
1. "Hey, I'm new here and looking for some female friends. Anyone interested in a chat? #F4F" (Example of F4F used in social media)
2. "I'm attending a business conference next week and would love to meet other female entrepreneurs. Anyone else going? #F4F" (Example of F4F used in a professional context)
3. "I'm single and looking for a serious relationship with a woman. Any F4F out there interested in getting to know each other?" (Example of F4F used in a dating context)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "f4f"

f4f :
female for female

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