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ere :

What does ere mean?

ere means "here"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ere"

[email protected] :
Where are you?
a1t :
anyone there
a3 :
anyplace, anywhere, anytime
anwwi :
alright now where was i
arsed :
awty :
are we there yet
ayst :
are you still there
ayt :
are you there
aytf :
are you there f**ker
ayty :
are you there yet
bohic :
Bend over here it comes
bohica :
bend over, here it comes again
bovered :
brh :
be right here
brt :
be right there
btdt :
been there done that
btdtgtts :
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt
btias :
Be there in a second
bts :
be there soon
bttt :
been there, tried that
cbb :
can't be bothered
der :
dga :
don't go anywhere
dgt :
don't go there
diff :
dywtmusw :
do you want to meet up some where
ebitda :
earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization
ere :
ffr :
for future reference
fubohic :
f**k you Bend over here it comes
gndn :
Goes nowhere,does nothing
gooh :
get out of here!
gtfooh :
get the f**k out of here
hak :
here's a kiss
hammrd :
hre :
hwg :
here we go
hwga :
here we go again
hyg :
here you go
iai :
i am interested
ibt :
I'll be there
icwudt :
I see what you did there
ijr :
i just remembered
ikwyl :
I know where you live
imh :
I am here
ioh :
I'm out of here
iois :
Indicators of Interest
iswydt :
i see what you did there
iwuwh :
i wish you were here
jfr :
Just for reference
jgtfooh :
just get the f**k out of here
kwtsds :
Kiss where the sun don't shine
lgn :
link goes nowhere
lltnt :
live like theres no tomorrow
MC :
master of ceremonies
mmt :
meet me there
n2mh :
not too much here
n2mhjc :
not too much here just chillin
nhatm :
not here at the moment
nmh :
not much here
nmhm :
nothing much here, man
nmhu :
nothing much here, you?
nmhwby :
nothing much here what about you
nph :
no problem here
nttawwt :
Not that there is anything wrong with that
nttiawwt :
Not that there is anything wrong with that.
oicwydt :
oh, i see what you did there
poi :
point of interest
pww :
parents were watching
rut :
are you there
sosdd :
same old s**t, different day
ssdd :
same s**t, different day
ssdp :
same s**t different pile
syt :
see you there
t,ftfy :
there, fixed that for you
tanstaafl :
there ain't no such thing as a free lunch
tgfuap :
thank god for unanswered prayers
thar :
thr :
thr4 :
tinstaafl :
There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
togtfooh :
tits or get the f**k out of here
ut :
you there
waug :
Where are you going
wayh :
why are you here
wayn :
Where Are You Now
wdwgw :
where did we go wrong
whevah :
where ever
whr :
whyb :
where have you been
witwu :
who is there with you
witwwyt :
what in the world were you thinking
wiwt :
wish i was there
wru :
where are you
wruf :
where are you from
wsibt :
when should i be there
wtfigoh :
what the f**k is going on here
wthhyb :
where the hell have you been?
wthwut :
what the hell were you thinking
wtiiot :
What time is it over there?
wtp :
where's the party
wufa :
where you from again
wuwh :
Wish you were here
wwhw :
when where how why
wwut :
what were you thinking
wwy :
where were you
wwyt :
What were you thinking
wybts :
were you born this sexy
wywh :
wish you were here
wywo :
while you were out
aygs :
are you going somewhere
yhtbt :
You Had To Be There
ykywywm :
you know you wish you were me
yt :
You there?
ywywm :
you wish you were me

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