Definition & Meaning of "EEJIT"

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eejit :

Usage of EEJIT

The word EEJIT is a casual way of calling someone an idiot. It is a commonly used term in Ireland and Scotland, but it is also recognized and understood by English-speaking individuals around the world. The term is not meant to be taken as a serious insult, but rather a lighthearted way of teasing someone for doing something foolish or ridiculous. It is often used between friends and can be playful or affectionate in tone.

Example of EEJIT used in texting:
1. "I can't believe I forgot my keys at home. I'm such an EEJIT."
2. "Did you see John trying to dance last night? What an EEJIT!"
3. "I accidentally sent my boss the wrong email attachment. I'm such an EEJIT."

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eejit :

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