Definition & Meaning of "DOIN"

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doin :

Usage of DOIN

The abbreviation "DOIN" is a shortened form of the word "doing". It is commonly used in texting or online conversations to save time and space while communicating with others. "DOIN" usually refers to an action that a person is currently engaged in, such as working, studying, or simply hanging out. It can also be used as a greeting or inquiry about someone's current activity.

Examples of DOIN used in texting:
1) "Hey, what you DOIN tonight?" - asking someone about their plans for the evening
2) "Just DOIN some homework, you?" - responding to a friend's question about what they're up to
3) "I'm bored, DOIN nothing at home" - expressing boredom and lack of activity to a friend.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "doin"

doin :
doin' :
wtfrudoin :
what the f**k are you doing

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