Definition & Meaning of "DIN"

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din :

Usage of DIN

The abbreviation DIN stands for "didn't". It is commonly used in texting to shorten the word "didn't" to save time and make messages more concise. It's also a casual way of expressing oneself in messages.

Examples of DIN used in texting:

1. Example: Hi, DIN expect to see you here.
2. Example: DIN know you were sick, hope you feel better soon.
3. Example: Sorry, I DIN mean to make you upset.

Note: In all of the above examples, "DIN" is used to replace "didn't" and convey the same meaning in a shorter way.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "din"

din :
din't :
dinkwad :
dual income no kids with a dog
dinkwads :
dual incomes no kids with a dog

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