Definition & Meaning of "DIAF"

What does diaf mean? View the definition of diaf and all related slang terms containing diaf below:

diaf :
die in a fire

Usage of DIAF

The abbreviation DIAF is a harsh and offensive statement used in online conversations or text messages. It means "die in a fire" and is a phrase used to express extreme anger towards someone or something. The phrase itself is violent and inappropriate, and its usage is usually intended to insult, threaten or intimidate someone.

Examples of DIAF used in texting:

1. "You lied to me again? DIAF, I can't believe you're this dishonest."
2. "Sorry, I can't make it to your party this weekend. DIAF, I have too much work to do."
3. "I can't believe you cheated on me! DIAF, you don't deserve any respect."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "diaf"

diaf :
die in a fire
gdiaf :
go die in a fire

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