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Usage of DEPT

In a corporate or organizational structure, a department is a unit responsible for carrying out specific functions related to their field of expertise. These units are usually headed by a manager or director who oversees the department's activities and reports to higher-ups in the hierarchy. A department may consist of one or more teams that work together towards specific objectives, such as sales, customer service, finance, or human resources.

Examples of DEPT used in texting:

1. Hey, I'm running late for the meeting with the HR DEPT. Can you please let them know I'll be there in 15 minutes? (Example of DEPT used in texting to refer to the Human Resources department.)
2. The IT DEPT just sent a memo about the new software update. Have you read it yet? (Example of DEPT used in texting to refer to the Information Technology department.)
3. I need to talk to someone from the customer service DEPT regarding my order. Can you provide me with their phone number? (Example of DEPT used in texting to refer to the Customer Service department.)

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dept :

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