Definition & Meaning of "CRAZN"

What does crazn mean? View the definition of crazn and all related slang terms containing crazn below:

crazn :
crazy asian

Usage of CRAZN

The term CRAZN is a slang abbreviation that means "crazy asian." It is typically used to describe someone of Asian descent who is acting in a wild, unpredictable or eccentric manner. The term carries some negative connotations and is not appropriate to use in polite conversation.

Example of CRAZN used in texting:
1. "Did you see that CRAZN girl dancing on the table last night? She was wild!" (Example of CRAZN used to describe someone's behavior)
2. "This party is going to be epic! So many crazns are going to be there!" (Example of CRAZN used to refer to a group of people)
3. "I can't believe that guy keeps making those jokes, he's such a CRAZN." (Example of CRAZN used to insult someone)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "crazn"

crazn :
crazy asian

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