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contribs :


The abbreviation 'CONTRIBS' is short for 'contributions'. In simple terms, it refers to anything that someone contributes or gives to a particular cause or project. This can include donations, ideas, time, or resources that are offered to support a particular endeavor. The use of this abbreviation is common in the context of online platforms or social media where users are frequently asked to contribute to fundraising campaigns, charity events, or community projects.

Example of CONTRIBS used in texting:
1. "Hey, have you added your CONTRIBS to the school fundraiser yet? We need all the help we can get! #teamwork" (Example of CONTRIBS used in texting)
2. "Thanks for your generou$ CONTRIBS towards my brother's medical expenses. It means a lot to our family." (Example of CONTRIBS used in texting)
3. "Reminder: Tomorrow's project meeting is all about brainstorming new ways to increase CONTRIBS and engagement from our volunteers. Be there!" (Example of CONTRIBS used in texting)

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contribs :

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