Definition & Meaning of "CBFA"

What does cbfa mean? View the definition of cbfa and all related slang terms containing cbfa below:

cbfa :
can't be f**king arsed

Usage of CBFA

The abbreviation CBFA is a vulgar and informal way of saying 'can't be f**king arsed.' It is often used to express a feeling of apathy or unwillingness to do something. When someone says CBFA, they are essentially saying that they are too lazy or uninterested to do a task or activity. It can also be used to express annoyance or frustration with something.

Examples of CBFA used in texting:
1. Person 1: Wanna go to the gym later?
Person 2: Sorry, CBFA today.

2. Person 1: Can you help me move this weekend?
Person 2: Nah, CBFA.

3. Person 1: Are you coming to the party tonight?
Person 2: CBFA, I'm staying in bed all night.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "cbfa"

cbfa :
can't be f**king arsed

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