Definition & Meaning of "BYOC"

What does byoc mean? View the definition of byoc and all related slang terms containing byoc below:

byoc :
bring our own computer

Usage of BYOC

The term BYOC is an abbreviation that stands for 'bring your own computer.' This term is commonly used in situations where individuals are expected to bring their own laptops or desktops to a particular event or place. By bringing their own computer, individuals can work, study, or engage in other online activities without the need for using someone else's machine. This can be especially helpful in situations where there is limited access to computers.

Examples of BYOC used in texting:

1) Hey, are we supposed to BYOC to the conference next week?

2) Don't forget to BYOC if you want to attend the coding workshop this Saturday.

3) I heard that the library will be implementing a BYOC policy starting next month.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "byoc"

byoc :
bring our own computer

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