Definition & Meaning of "BUBAR"

What does bubar mean? View the definition of bubar and all related slang terms containing bubar below:

bubar :
bushed up beyond all recognition

Usage of BUBAR

The abbreviation BUBAR is used to express the idea that something is damaged, broken or completely unusable due to excessive wear and tear. The term 'bushed up beyond all recognition' implies that something has been used for so long that it has lost all its original shape and characteristics. This could refer to a physical object like a car, bike or phone, or it could be used to describe a person who is exhausted or overwhelmed.

Examples of BUBAR used in texting:

1. "My phone just fell off a 10-story building, it's BUBAR now."
2. "I've been working 12-hour shifts for the past week, I'm BUBAR by the end of each day."
3. "My old laptop finally died, now it's BUBAR and I need a new one."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bubar"

bubar :
bushed up beyond all recognition

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