Definition & Meaning of "BOFH"

What does bofh mean? View the definition of bofh and all related slang terms containing bofh below:

bofh :
b*****d operator from hell

Usage of BOFH

The abbreviation BOFH is used to describe a system administrator or IT professional who is difficult to work with, unhelpful, and often behaves in a hostile manner. The term was first coined in the early days of computer networking, when the role of the system administrator was less defined and there were fewer rules governing their behavior. Today, the term is often used humorously to describe someone who is difficult to work with in any field of work.

Examples of BOFH used in texting:

1) "Ugh, I just had to deal with the BOFH in IT. He was absolutely no help at all."
2) "I hope I never have to deal with that BOFH again. He's a nightmare to work with."
3) "Hey, have you heard of the BOFH? I think our manager might be one."

(Examples of BOFH used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bofh"

bofh :
b*****d operator from hell

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