Definition & Meaning of "BION"

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bion :
Believe it or not.

Usage of BION

BION is a text abbreviation that stands for "Believe it or not." It's a handy way to express surprise, amazement, or disbelief at something that you've just learned or experienced. You can use this abbreviation to convey excitement about something that you find hard to believe, or to express your own disbelief at something that someone else has told you. For example, if a friend tells you that they've just won the lottery, you might reply with "BION! That's amazing!" Similarly, if you tell your friend that you've never been outside of your state before, they might respond with "BION! You've never been out of state?" Here are three examples of BION used in texting:

Example 1:
Person A: Did you know that some fish can change gender?
Person B: BION! That's crazy!

Example 2:
Person A: I have never flown in a plane before.
Person B: BION! How is that possible?

Example 3:
Person A: I heard that some people can lick their own elbow.
Person B: BION! That seems impossible.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bion"

bion :
Believe it or not.

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