Definition & Meaning of "BETCH"

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betch :

Usage of BETCH

The abbreviation BETCH is a short form of the word "b***h". The term "b***h" is often used to describe someone who is rude, self-centered, or difficult to deal with. BETCH is commonly used in texting as an abbreviation to avoid using the full term. It's often used for humorous or sarcastic purposes to describe someone who has a tendency to behave in a selfish manner.

Examples of BETCH used in texting:

1. "Can you believe she didn't invite me to her party? What a BETCH!"
2. "He's always talking about himself, what a BETCH move."
3. "I can't stand that girl, she's such a BETCH."

These examples show how the term BETCH can be used in different contexts and situations to describe someone's behavior. It's important to note that while the term can be used in a joking manner between friends, it's not appropriate to use it in a derogatory manner towards someone else.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "betch"

betch :
betcha :
bet you

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