Definition & Meaning of "BAE"

What does bae mean? View the definition of bae and all related slang terms containing bae below:

bae :
before anyone else

Usage of BAE

The term 'BAE' is a frequently used abbreviation in texting, which stands for 'before anyone else'. It is often used to refer to a special person in someone's life, such as a romantic partner, close friend, or family member. The term is usually intended to convey affection or endearment towards that person and to highlight their importance in the sender's life.

Example of BAE used in texting:
1. "I miss you so much, BAE. Can't wait to see you again soon!" (Expressing affection towards a romantic partner)
2. "Want to go out for dinner tonight, BAE?" (Referring to a close friend or significant other)
3. "I had the best time with my BAE today. They always know how to make me smile." (Highlighting the importance of a special person in one's life)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bae"

bae :
before anyone else

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