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Usage of 4MER

The word '4MER' is an abbreviation that is commonly used in texting. It is short for 'former', which means something or someone that used to be in a certain position or role. For example, a former employee is someone who worked for a company in the past but is no longer employed there. The use of abbreviations in texting has become popular because it saves time and makes messages shorter and easier to understand.

Examples of 4MER used in texting are:

1. "Hey, did you hear about Jenna's new job?"
"Yeah, she's no longer at her 4MER company."

2. "I can't believe you used to live in New York City!"
"Yeah, I'm a 4MER New Yorker."

3. "Do you still talk to your 4MER boss?"
"No, we haven't spoken in a while."

These examples show how the abbreviation '4MER' can be used in texting to quickly and easily convey information about something that used to be a certain way or someone who used to hold a certain position.

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4mer :

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