Definition & Meaning of "4GOT"

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4got :

Usage of 4GOT

4GOT is an abbreviation used in texting to mean 'forgot'. When someone says they 4GOT something, they mean that they have forgotten it. This can be used in various contexts such as forgetting someone's name, forgetting to do something, or forgetting where something is kept.

Examples of 4GOT used in texting:
1. Hey, 4GOT to tell you that the party is at my place tonight.
2. Sorry, 4GOT to reply earlier. Yes, I will be available for the meeting tomorrow.
3. Can you remind me of your address? 4GOT where you live.

These texts show how 4GOT can be used to communicate forgetting in a quick and convenient way. As an 18-year-old who is good at texting, knowing common abbreviations like this can help make texting more efficient and save time.

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4got :

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