Definition & Meaning of "^^&>"

What does ^^&> mean? View the definition of ^^&> and all related slang terms containing ^^&> below:

^^&> :
up up and away

Usage of ^^&>

The abbreviation ^^&> is a playful way of expressing excitement or exhilaration, often used in the context of taking off or soaring through the air. The symbol ^ resembles an upward arrow, while the symbol > is like an arrow pointing forward, creating the image of something lifting off and flying away. It is commonly used to express feelings of enthusiasm, joy or anticipation.

Examples of ^^&> used in texting:
1. "Just aced my final exam! ^^&> to summer vacation!"
2. "I'm finally going on my dream trip to Hawaii next month! ^^&> here I come!"
3. "I just got promoted to manager at work! ^^&> to bigger and better things!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "^^&>"

^^&> :
up up and away

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