Definition & Meaning of "ZOMG"

What does zomg mean? View the definition of zomg and all related slang terms containing zomg below:

zomg :
Oh my God

Usage of ZOMG

The abbreviation ZOMG stands for 'Oh my God', which is a phrase used to express surprise, shock, or excitement. It is typically used to react to something in a humorous or dramatic way. For example, you might send a text saying "ZOMG! I just won the lottery." or "ZOMG! I can't believe what happened!" ZOMG is often used as an alternative to actually saying the phrase 'Oh my God.'

Sample Text Messages:

1. "ZOMG! The concert tickets I wanted sold out in minutes!"

2. "ZOMG! That outfit looks amazing on you!"

3. "ZOMG! I can't believe I forgot my wallet!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "zomg"

zomg :
Oh my God
zomgzorrz :
oh my god

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