Definition & Meaning of "YRSM"

What does yrsm mean? View the definition of yrsm and all related slang terms containing yrsm below:

yrsm :
you really scare me

Usage of YRSM

The abbreviation YRSM is a way to express that someone or something is scaring you. It can be used to indicate a sense of discomfort or fear in a situation or with a person's behavior. The abbreviation is commonly used in texting and social media when communicating quickly and informally.

Examples of YRSM used in texting:

1) Friend: Did you watch that horror movie last night?
You: No, I'm too scared to watch those kind of movies. YRSM!

2) Mom: Your dad got in a car accident, but he's okay now.
You: Oh my god, YRSM. Thank goodness he's okay!

3) Coworker: Did you hear about the recent break-in at our office?
You: No, I didn't! YRSM, that's really alarming.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "yrsm"

yrsm :
you really scare me

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