Definition & Meaning of "YPMF"

What does ypmf mean? View the definition of ypmf and all related slang terms containing ypmf below:

ypmf :
you pissed me off

Usage of YPMF

The abbreviation 'YPMF' is an abbreviation used in messaging that stands for 'you pissed me off.' It is a way of conveying frustration or anger towards someone in a concise and informal manner. This abbreviation is commonly used among friends or acquaintances, especially when communicating about a particular situation that has caused annoyance or dissatisfaction.

Examples of YPMF used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Hey, did you see what Sarah did at the party last night?
Friend 2: YPMF, she spilled her drink all over me.

2. Coworker 1: Sorry, I can't cover your shift today.
Coworker 2: YPMF, now I have to work a double.

3. Sibling 1: Can I borrow your car later?
Sibling 2: YPMF, you didn't even ask nicely.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ypmf"

ypmf :
you pissed me off

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