Definition & Meaning of "YMRASU"

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ymrasu :
Yes, My ret*rded Ass Signed Up

Usage of YMRASU

The abbreviation 'YMRASU' is often used in texting to convey a sense of regret or self-deprecation about a decision that has been made. The phrase 'Yes, My ret*rded Ass Signed Up' suggests that the person using the abbreviation feels foolish or silly for having committed to something that they now view as undesirable or inconvenient.

Example 1:
Friend 1: "Hey, are you still going to the concert tonight?"
Friend 2: "YMRASU...I forgot I have a paper due tomorrow. Can't go :("

Example 2:
Mom: "Can you please pick up your sister from soccer practice today?"
Teenager: "Ugh, YMRASU...I already agreed to hang out with my friends this afternoon."

Example 3:
Boss: "We need someone to work the weekend shift. Can you do it?"
Employee: "YMRASU...I already made plans with my family. Sorry."

Examples of YMRASU used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ymrasu"

ymrasu :
Yes, My ret*rded Ass Signed Up

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