Definition & Meaning of "YMBG"

What does ymbg mean? View the definition of ymbg and all related slang terms containing ymbg below:

ymbg :
you must be guessing

Usage of YMBG

The abbreviation YMBG is used to express the idea that someone's guess is probably incorrect or inaccurate. It can be used to indicate surprise or disbelief at someone's assumption or suggestion. For example, if someone makes a wild guess about something that seems implausible, you might respond with "YMBG" to express your skepticism.

Examples of YMBG used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "I heard that Taylor Swift is retiring from music"
Friend 2: "YMBG, she just released a new album"
2. Coworker: "I bet our boss took the day off to go golfing"
You: "YMBG, his wife posted a picture of them at a doctor's appointment"
3. Sibling: "I think I could beat you in a race"
You: "YMBG, I've been training for weeks"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ymbg"

ymbg :
you must be guessing

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