Definition & Meaning of "YLB"

What does ylb mean? View the definition of ylb and all related slang terms containing ylb below:

ylb :
you little b***h

Usage of YLB

The abbreviation YLB is a derogatory term that stands for 'you little b***h'. It is often used to insult someone, expressing anger or frustration towards their behavior. The term is considered vulgar and inappropriate in many social contexts, and its use can lead to conflict or hurt feelings.

Examples of YLB used in texting:

1) Person A: Hey, did you hear what Lisa said about you behind your back?
Person B: No, what did she say?
Person A: She called you a YLB.
(Example of YLB used in texting to insult someone)

2) Person A: Can you believe John canceled on us last minute?
Person B: Ugh, he's such a YLB.
(Example of YLB used in texting to express frustration towards someone's behavior)

3) Person A: I can't believe you forgot my birthday!
Person B: Sorry, I've been really busy.
Person A: That's no excuse, YLB!
(Example of YLB used in texting to express anger towards someone's behavior)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ylb"

cylbd :
catch ya later baby doll
ylb :
you little b***h

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