Definition & Meaning of "YGTBKM"

What does ygtbkm mean? View the definition of ygtbkm and all related slang terms containing ygtbkm below:

ygtbkm :
you got to be kidding me

Usage of YGTBKM

The internet age has seen the rise of various abbreviations in text messaging, with YGTBKM being one of the most popular. This abbreviation stands for 'you got to be kidding me' and is commonly used to express disbelief or shock in response to a surprising or unexpected statement. It is often used when someone cannot believe what they are hearing or seeing and are expressing their incredulity.

Example of YGTBKM used in texting:

1. Person A: "I just won the lottery!"

Person B: "YGTBKM, that's amazing!"

2. Person A: "I can't believe I failed the exam."

Person B: "YGTBKM, you studied so hard!"

3. Person A: "I saw a unicorn in my backyard this morning."

Person B: "YGTBKM, unicorns aren't real!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ygtbkm"

ygtbkm :
you got to be kidding me

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