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xmpl :

Usage of XMPL

The abbreviation 'XMPL' is short for the word 'example'. It is often used in various forms of communication, including texting, to conveniently refer to an instance or illustration of something to make a point or communicate an idea.

Example of XMPL used in texting:
- Can you give me an XMPL of how to use this new software?
- I need you to send me an XMPL of what you're expecting for the project.
- Xmpls of your work will be helpful in convincing the client to choose your proposal.

Examples of XMPL used in texting:
1) "Can you please send an XMPL of the document?"
2) "I didn't understand your instructions. Can you give me an XMPL?"
3) "I love your writing style, could you give me an XMPL of how you write?"

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xmpl :

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