Definition & Meaning of "VRY"

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vry :

Usage of VRY

The abbreviation 'VRY' stands for 'very' and is often used in messaging to quickly and efficiently convey emphasis. When someone uses 'VRY' in a text message, it indicates that the emphasis is on the word that follows it.

Example 1: "I'm VRY excited to see you tonight!" (Examples of VRY used in texting)

Example 2: "That movie was VRY boring, I almost fell asleep." (Examples of VRY used in texting)

Example 3: "Wow, your new haircut looks VRY nice!" (Examples of VRY used in texting)

All of these messages demonstrate the use of 'VRY' to convey emphasis on a particular word. By using this abbreviation, texters can communicate their feelings clearly and quickly without the need for excess words.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "vry"

evry :
evry1 :
every one
evrytin :
ih8evry1 :
i hate everyone
vry :

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