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evry :

Usage of EVRY

The abbreviation 'EVRY' is commonly used in texting as a shorthand for 'every'. It can refer to a repeated action or a regular frequency of occurrence. For example, 'EVRY day' means every day, whereas 'EVRY month' means every month. By using abbreviations like 'EVRY', texters can save time and effort when typing out messages.

Example 1:
Hey, don't forget to drink EVRY hour to stay hydrated during the hike!

Example 2:
Can you please take the trash out EVRY Tuesday night? It's your turn.

Example 3:
I love visiting my grandparents EVRY year during the holidays. It's always so much fun to catch up with them.

Examples of EVRY used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "evry"

evry :
evry1 :
every one
evrytin :
ih8evry1 :
i hate everyone

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