Definition & Meaning of "VLEO"

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vleo :
Very Low Earth Orbit

Usage of VLEO

VLEO stands for Very Low Earth Orbit, which refers to a type of orbit that is closer to the surface of the earth than other types of orbits. VLEO typically ranges from 120 to 600 kilometers above the earth's surface. Satellites in VLEO have faster orbital periods than those in higher orbits, which makes them ideal for certain types of applications such as Earth observation, remote sensing, and communication. However, due to the proximity to the Earth's surface, VLEO satellites experience higher levels of atmospheric drag, which can affect their lifespan.

Example of VLEO used in texting:
1) "I heard SpaceX is planning to launch their Starlink satellites in VLEO for better internet connectivity #innovative #VLEO"
2) "I just read an article about how VLEO satellites can improve weather forecasting accuracy. So cool! #science #VLEO"
3) "NASA is currently studying the feasibility of launching a telescope in VLEO. Imagine the incredible images it could capture! #space #VLEO"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "vleo"

vleo :
Very Low Earth Orbit

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