Definition & Meaning of "URHT"

What does urht mean? View the definition of urht and all related slang terms containing urht below:

urht :
you're hot

Usage of URHT

In the world of texting, using abbreviations has become a standard way of communication. One such abbreviation is 'URHT', which means 'you're hot'. It is commonly used to compliment someone's appearance and indicate that the sender finds the recipient attractive.

Examples of URHT used in texting:
1) Hey, I saw you today and just had to tell you, URHT! :)
2) Can't stop thinking about how gorgeous you looked last night. URHT!
3) Just had to text you to let you know, URHT! You're like a total babe.

These three example text messages show the abbreviation 'URHT' being used in a casual and flirtatious way to express admiration for someone's physical appearance. It is important to note that while it is commonly used, it is also important to use such language with respect and only when appropriate.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "urht"

urht :
you're hot

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