Definition & Meaning of "UOM"

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uom :
You owe me

Usage of UOM

The abbreviation 'UOM' is commonly used in texting and stands for 'You owe me'. This abbreviation is often used when one person has lent money or borrowed something from another person and wants to remind them to repay or return it. It is also sometimes used in a more playful manner between friends who may have made a promise to do something for each other.

Example of UOM used in texting:
1. Friend 1: Hey, can I borrow $20 for lunch?
Friend 2: Sure, but don't forget you UOM.
(Example of UOM used as a reminder to repay borrowed money)

2. Friend 1: Can you pick me up from the airport tomorrow?
Friend 2: Of course, but remember UOM to bring me some souvenirs!
(Example of UOM used as a playful reminder of a promise)

3. Friend 1: Thanks for buying my ticket to the concert!
Friend 2: No problem, but UOM for the ticket cost.
(Example of UOM used as a reminder for repayment of a purchased item)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "uom"

cuom :
see you on monday
uom :
You owe me

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