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ui :
User Interface


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ui"

aiui :
as I understand it
aqap :
as quick as possible
asic :
application specific integrated circuit
bbq :
be back quick
bzns :
cuic :
see you in class
cvq :
chucking very quietly
dqydj :
don't quit your day job
dr00d :
drood :
dui :
driving under the influence
fc :
fruit cake
fmq :
f**k me quick
ftbfs :
Failed to build from source
gitar :
gui :
graphical user interface
imwtk :
Inquiring minds want to know
jom :
just one minuite
jooce :
kq :
keep quiet
kwik :
kwit :
kwiz :
lm4aq :
Let's meet for a quickie.
lolq :
laugh out loud quietly
lolvq :
laugh out loud very quietly
lq :
Laughing Quietly
lq2m :
laughing quietly to myself
lqtm :
Laugh quietly to myself
lqtms :
Laughing quietly to myself
lqts :
laughing quietly to self
lrqtms :
laughing really quietly to myself
ltmq :
Laugh To Myself Quietly
miq :
make it quick
oj :
orange juice
oob :
out of buisness
pdq :
pretty damn quick
poq :
Piss Off Quick
q2c :
quick to c**
qltm :
quietly laughing to myself
qpr :
quite pathetic really
qpwd :
quit posting while drunk
rq :
real quick
smdvq :
suck my d**k quickly
sqtm :
snickering quietly to myself
suabq :
shut up and be quiet
suib :
shut up im busy
tbqf :
to be quite frank
tbqh :
to be quite honest
ui :
User Interface
wyauimg :
Why you all up in my grill?
xyzpdq :
Examine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick
yaqw :
You are quite welcome
yqw :
you're quite welcome

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