Definition & Meaning of "TTTH"

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ttth :
Talk To The Hand

Usage of TTTH

The abbreviation TTTH is commonly used in texting to express the phrase "Talk To The Hand". It is often used to indicate that the person receiving the message is not interested in what the sender has to say, or that they feel the sender is being rude or annoying. It can also be used as a playful or humorous way to express disagreement or disapproval. Overall, TTTH is a quick and easy way to dismiss or silence someone.

Example of TTTH used in texting:
1) Friend: Can I borrow some money?
You: Sorry, can't help. TTTH.
2) Dad: Do your chores before going out.
You: I already did them. TTTH.
3) Classmate: Hey, can I copy your homework?
You: No, do your own work. TTTH.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ttth"

ttth :
Talk To The Hand

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