Definition & Meaning of "TTT"

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ttt :
to the top

Usage of TTT

In the world of texting, TTT is often used as an abbreviation for "to the top." Essentially, it's a way of saying that you want a particular message or conversation to be brought back up to the top of the thread so that it can be seen again.

For example, let's say that you were in the middle of a group chat discussing plans for an event. However, the conversation has since moved on to other topics, and you want to make sure that your original message about the event doesn't get lost in the shuffle. You might say "TTT" as a way of signaling to the group that you want to bring the conversation back to that topic.

Here are three examples of TTT being used in texting:

Example 1:
Person A: Hey guys, let's talk about the party this weekend!
{conversation continues}
Person B: TTT - can we circle back to the party planning please?

Example 2:
Person A: Wow, these memes are hilarious.
{conversation continues}
Person B: TTT - but seriously, how was everyone's day today?

Example 3:
Person A: I can't believe this happened.
{conversation continues}
Person B: TTT - wait, what happened? I must have missed that part.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ttt"

bttt :
been there, tried that
ifttt :
if this then that
tgsttttptct :
thank God someone took the time to put this crap together
ttt :
to the top
ttth :
Talk To The Hand
tttka :
Time to totally kick ass
tttt :
to tell the truth

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