Definition & Meaning of "TONITE"

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tonite :

Usage of TONITE

TONITE is an abbreviation of the word "tonight." It is a popular term used by many people while texting on their mobile devices. The term is used primarily to refer to the current or upcoming evening. It is commonly used in informal text messages, social media posts, and online chats.

Examples of 'TONITE' used in texting:

1. Example of TONITE used in texting: "Hey, are you still coming over TONITE? We have a lot to catch up on!"

2. Example of TONITE used in texting: "I'm so excited for the concert TONITE! Can't wait to see my favorite band perform live."

3. Example of TONITE used in texting: "I'll be working all day, but I'm free TONITE if you want to hang out."

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tonite :

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