Definition & Meaning of "TNOMB"

What does tnomb mean? View the definition of tnomb and all related slang terms containing tnomb below:

tnomb :
that's none of my business

Usage of TNOMB

The abbreviation TNOMB is commonly used in texting to mean "that's none of my business." This phrase is often employed when someone is discussing a topic or situation that a person doesn't want to be involved in, whether it's personal, private, or just not relevant to them. The abbreviation TNOMB can be a succinct way to convey this message without being rude or dismissive.

Example 1:
Friend 1: Did you hear about Jane and her boyfriend breaking up?
Friend 2: TNOMB, I don't want to get into their relationship drama.

Example 2:
Co-worker 1: I heard that our boss is getting demoted.
Co-worker 2: TNOMB, I don't want to speculate on office gossip.

Example 3:
Family member 1: Did you know that Uncle Fred's son got arrested?
Family member 2: TNOMB, I don't want to discuss legal matters that don't concern me.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tnomb"

tnomb :
that's none of my business

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