Definition & Meaning of "TFFPD"

What does tffpd mean? View the definition of tffpd and all related slang terms containing tffpd below:

tffpd :
too far from pay day

Usage of TFFPD

The abbreviation TFFPD stands for 'too far from pay day'. This phrase is commonly used when someone has run out of money and is waiting for their next paycheck. It could be a difficult time financially, as they need to manage their expenses till their next payday. Saying TFFPD in a text message can be a quick way to express that someone is running low on funds without having to go into detail about their financial situation.

Examples of TFFPD used in texting:
1. Hey, I can't afford to go out tonight, TFFPD. Let's plan something for next week when I get paid.
2. Sorry, I can't lend you any money right now, TFFPD myself.
3. Can we reschedule our appointment? I had an unexpected expense and I'm TFFPD until next Friday.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tffpd"

tffpd :
too far from pay day

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