Definition & Meaning of "TFB"

What does tfb mean? View the definition of tfb and all related slang terms containing tfb below:

tfb :
time for bed

Usage of TFB

The abbreviation TFB is commonly used in texting to signify "time for bed." This abbreviation is often used as a polite way to end a conversation or to let someone know that the person who is sending the text is going to bed. By using TFB, the person who is sending the text message is indicating that they are done with any interactions and now it is time for them to get some sleep.

Examples of TFB used in texting:
1. Hey, it's getting late and I have an early morning tomorrow. TFB!
2. Thanks for chatting with me, but it's TFB for me now. Good night!
3. I'm exhausted from today's activities, it's time for me to call it a night. TFB!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tfb"

gtfbtw :
get the f**k back to work
mtfbwu :
may the force be with you
mtfbwy :
May the Force be with you
oh my God, what the f**k
tfb :
time for bed
tfbundy :
totaly f**ked but unfortunatly not dead yet
wtfb :
what the f**k b***h
wtfbs :
What the f**k bull s**t

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