Definition & Meaning of "TFA"

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tfa :
the f**king article

Usage of TFA

The abbreviation "TFA" means "the f**king article." It is commonly used to express frustration or annoyance with an article or news piece.

Example 1:
Person 1: "Hey, did you read that article I sent you?"
Person 2: "Yeah, TFA was so biased and inaccurate."

Example 2:
Person 1: "This headline is clickbait, TFA has nothing to do with the title."
Person 2: "Ugh, I hate when they do that."

Example 3:
Person 1: "Have you seen this news story going around?"
Person 2: "No, but TFA sounds like it's going to be a whole lot of sensationalism and fear-mongering."

Examples of TFA used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tfa"

dnrtfa :
did not read the f**king article
ftfa :
From The f**king Article
gpytfaht :
gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today
gtfa :
Go The f**k Away
lmtfa :
leave me the f**k alone
pitfa :
Pain In The f**king Ass
rotfalol :
roll on the floor and laugh out loud
rtfa :
read the f**king article
tfa :
the f**king article
ttfaf :
Through the Fire and Flames
wtfaud :
what the f**k are you doing?
wtfay :
who the f**k are you
wtfayd :
what the f**k are you doing
wtfayt :
why the f**k are you talking
wtfayta :
What the f**k are you talking about?

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